2. How to Play
1. This is a single player game.
2. You can play using either the keyboard or a joystick.
3. Push the SPACE key (or a shot button) to start the game.
4. The purpose of the game is to solve the enigma of the "Kong legend", locate the items hidden in various part of the isle, defeat different enemies, and to find Lady Kong.
5. At first, the player has 30 LIFE and 200 GOLD. The game is over when LIFE reaches zero. LIFE decreases upon a collision with an enemy or a trap, or upon caching an illness for instance by being stung by a bug.
6. LIFE is recovered by dining, lodging or healing.
7. EXP (experience points) increases every time the player defeats an enemy. LEVEL increases every 100 EXP increase. LEVEL is relevant to the maximum LIFE, maximum M.P. (magical points), strength (STR) and SPEED, therefore, higher the LEVEL stronger the player.
8. On the map, there are several places that forbid further advance unless you do something. You should think yourself what you should do.
9. Push F1 key to pause the game. Push F1 key again to resume the game.
10. You can continue (play for more) by pushing F5 after a game over.
You should push it when the game over music is still being played.


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