1. Story

In New York, The World Trade Center Building. King Kong has finally plummeted by the salvo from the fighter planes... Everyone was sure that Kong was dead. However... King Kong was alive.

This is the Georgia University hospital. King Kong had been kept alive unconscious for as long as nine years by a life support system. His medical condition went worse and worse, and he was at the crisis point where his original heart could no longer keep him alive. There is only one way to extend King Kong's life longer... nothing other than a transplant of a huge artificial heart. However, to do a surgery on King Kong, a huge quantity of blood for transfusion is necessary.

...Amy the woman doctor and the King Kong medical team betted everything on the plan to acquire the blood of the "second Kong", their only hope. What is the "second Kong"? The guardian entity told in the "Kong legend" that had been handed down the Golnebo Isle... that is what is regarded as the "second Kong" but no one ever confirmed it for sure.

The "Kong legend" ...the hidden legend tells enigma after enigma.

Mitchel the young explorer, who was requested by Dr. Amy, fortified his decision to travel to the Golnebo Isle to seek for the "second Kong".
The King Kong medical team appended their entire hope with Mitchel, and prepared for the artificial heart transplant surgery.

Hurry, Mitchel! King Kong's life has got an alert sign displayed! Seek the "second Kong" out of the "Kong legend", and save King Kong's life!

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